Forage and Graze is a small family run business. We choose to cater just ten weddings or private dinners a year, offering a personalised, tailored service to our clients.... we get to know you really well over the period leading up to your event and this close relationship ensures we get it just right. Magic happens on the day of your wedding or event. 

Forage and Graze has established a reputation for banquet style dining. If you can imagine the warmth and familiarity of sitting around with a group of close friends, and passing dishes of food around the table. We aim to recreate this feel. It is a shared feast on platters with sides and accompaniments all placed down the centre of the table ... and as dishes are finished the next dishes come out. Not so much courses, as one long progressive banquet. We've found this style of dining helps ease what can be a slightly awkward social occasion, with guests sometimes not knowing each other that helps guests to meet each other across the table, gives them common ground, a job to do, something to talk about. 

Campbell works closely with an established local network of seafood and free range heritage meat producers, cheese makers and fruit and vegetable growers, to tailor a fresh, seasonal menu and create an unforgettable dining experience for you, your family and friends. We like to call our producer/growers ‘our local hero's’ ….and they really are our hero's. Every menu we create starts by planning ahead with our producers to work out what will be in season at the time of your event…and we can work with them to ensure any special requests are catered for (within season) for your tailored menu.

Scroll down to see our range of dining packages, and then click on the Testimonials tab to read what our clients say about their Forage and Graze experience, get a taste for our tailor made menu's and our delicious food.

*Private Dining (8-15 people)

Graze the artisan chef’s table with a small gathering of likeminded people ata private dinner, cocktail party or intimate celebration. Experience restaurant quality service in the comfort of your home, holiday accommodation or a venue of your choice.

Artisan Chef’s Table (5 course)

Amuse-bouche, 1 entrée, 1 main with sides and accompaniments, dessert and cheese platter.
$110 per person (Mon-Thurs) $140 per person (Fri-Sun)

Artisan Chef’s Feast (8 course)

Amuse-bouche, 2 entrées, 3 banquet mains with sides and accompaniments, dessert and cheese platter.
$150 per person (Mon-Thurs) $180 per person (Fri-Sun)

Staff costs are included in our Private Dining packages. Glassware, linen, china, cutlery, tables, chairs and any other table adornments to be provided by your venue. Please get in touch for an individual quote if your requirements/numbers differ from the packages outlined above.

*Wedding Banquet (60-160 people)

Celebrate the affections of your loved one with a Forage and Graze rustic foraging banquet. Choose from any of the following elements when designing your big day, or talk to us to tailor your catering ideas...then let the menu planning begin!

Shaken and stirred: cocktails $6 per person (spirits supplied by you), beer/wine/softs drinks service $4 per person (alcohol supplied by you)
A taste of things to come: canapes, casual canapes/substantial snacks, local charcuterie and cheese platters or a ploughmans table $20 per person
Rustic foraging banquet: shared platters $60 per person (bread, olives, oil, 3 substantial platters, 3 sides and accompaniments)
Home baked: dessert table or casual dessert table $12 per person
Midnight feast: homemade cheeses, pickles and crackers $8 per person

Staff costs, glassware, linen, china, cutlery, tables, chairs and any other table adornments are in addition to Wedding Banquet prices. Additional equipment hire costs may also be added to your quote, depending on your choice of venue. We are happy to lay out all possible costs for you in a formal quote once we have received your expression of interest.

All prices are exclusive of GST.